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Factual Guide to Giza Pyramids, Egypt

Learning about EGYPT and its ancient civilization, architectural development (pyramid), mummy’s theory all sounded like a ghosted mystery / magical journey in the entire 4th grade of history class. Ever since then, visiting the Great Pyramid has been something on my bucket list, and I was lucky enough to ‘cross it off’ this November, to explore and experience it personally and it was everything I hoped it would be as expected.

THE GREAT...GREAT...GREAT... PYRAMIDS : journey to the ancient world begins!!!!!!   EXCITED...already..right?😎😌😊

The great pyramid of GIZA in Cairo, is a magnificent tomb that was constructed to highlight the majestic of Egyptian pharaoh. It’s still existed, rise out of the desert in upper Egypt and it’s impossible to believe that ancient man could have created such an imposing, innovative and exquisite design structure.

Built in almost 2500 BC, with 2 million limestone blocks (flown all the way from Aswan and Luxor) weighing gigantic 200 tons, for over 35 years with 25 - 350000 skilled Egyptian workers to last this gigantic monument till eternity…"wohhhoooo”

This magnificent mountain of stones is a very sophisticated structure built in close relationship to cosmic system to have connection with stars after life, placement of each pyramids is in consolation to Orion belt theory. Some researchers claimed to have found mummified bodies inside. Egypt has around 115 pyramids; however Giza and Saqqara are the famous one to visit. Saqqara also known as step pyramid is the most primitive one. Inspiration to build the great pyramid”☝

About the Giza Complex
When you make your journey to see the pyramid, you would notice 3 pyramids standing in linear way
Remember the ORION...
The  Pyramid of Menkaure,
The Pyramid of Khafre (middle)
And the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Giza). 
All inspiring chain resembles to Orion belt stars placement. ..Oh YESS!!!
Originally, the Great Pyramid was covered by limestone casing stones that formed a smooth outer surface; what is seen today is the underlying core structure
“Everything was looted”

Inside the Great pyramid, many secret chambers were discovered, that had shaft on either side of pyramid connecting west side of pyramid to the east, they also found few resting or burial place for king and queen. "Ahhhhh INTERESTING...”

Existence of sarcophagus (burial chamber) inside the chambers, believed that king and queen were buried inside the sarcophagus and was kept in the resting room. 

The Linear shaft, long passage way of chambers,  and almost 60 millions of tons of stones tomb, confirms the importance of Egyptian thinking and belief about life beyond death.

sarcophagus  is a box-like funeral receptacle for a corpse, most commonly carved out of single stone. Dimension of  9 feet long and 4 feet was Impossible to take it inside chamber through  the narrow lane, some believed that pyramid were basically made  around  sarcophagus….  NO ONE KNOWS.. YET !!!😬

I have listed down some Tips about the whole 2 - 3 days of experience in and around pyramid plateau to make your visit more memorable and with ease. 
Say..Cheeeesseeee......πŸ˜‰!!!!!!” being sarcastic.

When to Go

The Great Pyramid is the sole remaining structure of the seven wonders of ancient World. The Great Pyramid of Khufu in Giza is the oldest structure in existence and it is so advanced, even using modern technology, it can’t be duplicated today. “Know the fact”

Best time to visit the GIZA pyramids is around October - November - December – Jan – February (cool season preferable) coz the summer can be seriously hot!......
" NO ! sunburn burn festival exists here”

To get the wholesome experience, I would suggest booking Pyramid edge hotel to get some beautiful view of pyramid day in and day out. The price is reasonable and services are good, you would save cost on your transportation and time off course………

WAKE UP to this wonderful view”

pyramids at background !!

Things to carry

      The place is crowded, full chaos, filled up with tourist and hawkers. If you want a peaceful visit; I would recommend starting your day early and checking in at around 7 - 7.30 am in morning - the pyramid ticket office open around 8 am. 
(Wear loose comfortable clothing, wear sports shoes – since walking  is a task)

·         Carry your essential (hats, sunglasses, scarf, water bottle and camera). Worst part about all the tourist places across Egypt, is that you need to pay extra for digital camera and tripod / stand (price range : 50 -100 Egyptian dollar) .Mobile Phone are allowed....
" if we still use NOKIA"

Time you need...

         You need to have minimum 2 - 2.30 hrs. in hand to cover all the pyramid complex and surrounding area (The Great SPHINX) and get yourself clicked.
     The ground that the pyramids cover is pretty big, and walking from one pyramid to another isn’t exactly a short stroll. It also means that you could walk around the perimeter of just one pyramid and have a different experience by each face! Or hire a private vehicle (most of the hotel provide cheaper transport in and around pyramid – {uber has mixed response, most of the booked ride get cancelled} so choose and plan wisely about your commute, a day prior your visit. 
Walk like Egyptian’s”

·         Climb on the pyramids. Like not literally they have made stairs enough to get to 3 -4 storey of giza pyramid and get clicked with the precious Limestone 😁(Yes… I DID)
              take a Ride on horse carriage or a camel ride (click some cool pic with them ) and TIP (Egyptian Loves TIP – Locally called as "Baksheesh”

Attraction: Secret Chamber...

There are secret chamber inside the Khufu and Giza pyramid (open for public) which you can visit at extra ticket cost. “Unlike Harry Potter” connected by long, sloping pathways and concealed entrances, in order to confuse potential tomb raiders.

The secret chamber are basically narrow in height and width, and you need to literally bend yourself (in a semi squat) position to climb down and then up the ladder which make your visit to pyramid little more adventurous. “Not scary though”

(Please note - camera is not allowed, but tip the security guard and you are on your way inside with the camera) “Namesake security”

Claustrophobic and back pain patient should do this at their own risk, but give it a try, its not that scary..”its one of the lifetime experience”.

Harry potter secret chamber is hypothetical, these are FREAKING REAL....

The Great Sphinx...

Great Sphinx is another major attraction site in Giza Plateau, facing west to the pyramids. A mythical creature structure of half human and half lion, many theory surround over its existence. Egyptians built sphinx statue to guard important areas such as tombs and temples. The most famous Sphinx is the Great Sphinx of Giza.
“FYI – Napoleon did not shoot the broken nose”

Drawings of the Sphinx by Frederic Louis Norden in 1757 showed the nose missing...(sand storm)
e   Evening 4 pm is an ideal time to visit the Great Sphinx, when the sun start to set down. Closing time of Giza plateau is 5pm.  Capture some funny picture with the monument if you wish to.

FYI – Don’t kiss Sphinx, Don’t give him shades or hat, don't treat him like tomb, don’t hug – he doesn’t like them) “ Bad Sarcasm !!"

     The place also host sound and light show from 7 - 10 pm, an hour show in 3 languages. check the light and sound website to get more info, the show would narrate the history of those great kings, their secrets, legends and secrets of ancient history. Ticket cost around 19 - 22 USD. 


Economy of the country is solely dependent on tourism, most of hawkers and seller will be adamant in behavior to buy or try the thing they sell, avoid if you are not interested to buy. Control your anger and politely tell them NO !!!!  
“Also BARGAIN..if interested"

Keep handy 5 or 10 Egyptian pound, (LE) as the people will irritate you by asking tip on all the services you opt to or opt not to take. Don’t argue just handover some pound with a smile. Most of them are happy with 10 LE…(Egyptian Pound)

Hydrate yourself well during the Journey.

Keep All Essential safe in backpack.

Egypt is completely safe to travel. So do explore it. It’s a GREAT COUNTRY.

Thank you for reading ... hope you liked it... NOW SHARE and COMMENT😊   .

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